Corona Virus, No Sugar/Social Media, Failures and More

2020 going bad? Let me share my perspective that can make it positive.

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing amazing and staying safe this virus season. Couple of things that I want to share in this blog/newsletter. This week has surely been one hell of a roller coaster ride with so many things and I am sure we are all freaked out by the turn of global events that unfolded in the past few weeks. From the corona-virus to the drop in the stock market, the world is in anticipation of what is yet to come. My life also did have some events that put me on the edge and tested my thirst for success. With that said, here are some important things that I want to share.

COVID-19 also known as the corona virus has been a hot topic for the past few months and have been giving every living and non-living a very hard time. And the reason why I mention non-living is due to the steep decline in the prices of high-performance stocks and also how many businesses and economies have been effected by the corona virus. As someone who loves to solve real world problems, Mission Sukh, where I house my social impact and humanitarian projects will be dedicating time, skill and resources towards the COVID-19(corona virus) issue. Mission Sukh is contributing to the Wuhan2020 open source project and is taking part in initiatives that are focused in solving problems caused by the corona virus using the power of technology. You can find more updates on this in the Mission Sukh Twitter.

No Sugar and No Social Media. I have decided to stop sugar and social media, two drugs that humans are tempted to use but need to avoid in order to achieve high growth and productivity. No sugar helps with wealth and no social media helps with wealth. Indeed it is a hard task to execute especially for a person like me who loves sugar and loves to share updates on social media. I will however stay active on Twitter and gain a lot of wisdom and important updates from there.

Failure. This semester, all the opportunities that I had to get funding for my side-projects and startups slipped away. That might be a failure and I am surely upset about it but I won’t allow those to deter from where I want to be. Failure is an essential part of human life and without failure, there is no success. This is why I going in all-in on all my side-projects and startups. I have made that my priority after my academics and family.

More. I am attending a lot of virtual hackathons which revolves around blockchain and its application. I am always open to collaboration so if you would love to get involved then please do hit me up on Twitter.

That’s all for this newsletter and I know the timing for when I post my newsletter is not up to the mark. I post whenever I have free time and will do my best to curate content that my readers would love and that would reflect on my passion, interests and what I am working on.

Thank you.

Amrit Shenava