COVID-19 Series : CovidBase Announcement and More

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are staying safe. The COVID-19 pandemic is getting out of hand and as mentioned in my earlier newsletters, it is best that we stay home in order to break the chain and stop the spread of COVID-19. As a hacker/developer, entrepreneur and writer, I am doing everything I can in my capacity to solve the COVID-19 outbreak. I am involved with governments, startups, side-projects and organizations around the world in combating the crisis. In fact, at the moment, I am involved in so many hackathons and communities that I just cannot keep a track. This is the first time in my life that I have seen the global startup and tech community unite to fight a common enemy. Right now, our common enemy is COVID-19, and we have to eradicate it at all costs. With that said, I am happy to announce my new initiative, CovidBase, which is focused on solving COVID-19 problems using technology and digital media. I have personally been using social media to educate people and spread awareness of COVID-19 and what one can do to stay safe. This is a testing time for all of us and the only way we can stop the spread is to stay home and unite as one team. CovidBase is non-profit and any designs or technology that will be developed here will be open-source.

Resources and Readings

I will be attaching some resources that one might need to know about at this tough time. I will be sharing more in later newsletter when I find more.

On a personal note, I want all my readers to take COVID-19 seriously. We might not expect it to happen to us and it won’t happen to us if we just stay in our homes and take all the pre-cautionary steps. We should also maintain our personal hygiene. It is imperative that every country go on a strict lockdown in order to stop the spread. To the people reading this, please stay in your home. And please verify your information that you get about COVID-19. Do not trust every information online. Verify them first and do not panic. With that said, I will be writing more about COVID-19 and will be sharing updates on my social media to educate people and to spread awareness. Please stay safe and please stay in your home. We are in this together and we will end this together. God bless us all.

Amrit Shenava