COVID-19 Series + Update and Announcements

Hey everyone,

The world is going through a very tough time. With many cities and countries under lockdown, my heart goes out to everyone who is affected by COVID-19 both directly and indirectly. I would also like to send some love to the people who are tirelessly working at this time, doctors, nurses, restaurant workers, airport workers and other people who are away from their family and working. I understand that I am not a doctor or an expert on this matter but as a writer and entrepreneur, I feel it is important to use my blog/newsletter as a medium through which I can educate people on this matter by sharing information from doctors. medical experts or anything that my readers need to know. As an entrepreneur, writer and innovator, I am working on projects and solutions that are in regards to COVID-19. I have also joined initiatives and groups that are currently focused on tackling the COVID-19 problem and external problems caused by it. And most importantly, my next few newsletters and blog will focus on COVID-19. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, TO ALL THE STUDENTS BORED IN QUARANTINE AND WANT TO JOIN ME IN MY COVID-19 PROJECTS, PLEASE DO SEND ME A EMAIL AT OR TEXT AT +1(330)6763377 (iMessage or Whatsapp). SERIES STARTS FROM NEXT POST.

Stay Safe and Stay Inside Your Home.

Amrit Shenava