Finals Week Motivation

A short motivation message

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are doing and staying safe. Here is a motivational message from me that I shared on every social media platform and wanted to share with my newsletter readers.

Finals Week is coming up for almost everyone around the globe. This is a time when there is a lot of pressure on students. Exams are stressful and we all get anxious/worried as to how we will perform. And our main focus will be on grades towards the end of all this. Grades do matter and it indeed is important for some professions or for getting into grad school. But don’t let those grades be a definition of your life. If you have good grades but lack knowledge, then your grades don’t hold any value. Your knowledge and passion holds more value than grades. Grades don’t hold any value and does not even define anyone on this planet. So, no matter what your grades are, just follow your passion, always value learning and be happy. Learning never stops at any age and life does not stop at getting a F or any other grade for that matter. All the best for finals week and I hope you all do good.

Hope this message will make this week a bit positive for you all and I wish everyone All the best. God bless.

Amrit Shenava