Hello Mission Sukh

"A short introduction to new adventure in my life"

When my passion for motivational speaking and my passion for Tech/Entrepreneurship merges, Mission Sukh happens. Mission Sukh is a side project where the focus is on solving humanitarian challenges and committing towards initiatives which do the same such as the UN SDG using the power of technology.

Mission Sukh started out as a basic hackathon project where we made a Google Assistant App that helps make improvements to ones Mental Health. As of now, Mission Sukh is focused on Mental Health and we have made a Google Assistant App and a 24x7 AI powered phone helpline.

There is a lot I want to do with Mission Sukh and I look forward to making this world a happier place. I am open to collaborations and discussions and if one would like to get in touch with me about Mission Sukh, my DMs are open. You can also reach out to me on Twitter @astro_shenava or my mail id ashenava@kent.edu