A short message from ASNP on the current issue

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe. First and foremost, my humble apologies for not sending out a newsletter for almost a month. I am mentally disturbed by the events that are unfolding around us and wanted a break where I could focus more on myself. It is very important to give ourselves some personal time. As a hacker/developer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer/blogger/podcaster, I wanted to share my thoughts. We need to be united more united than ever. We need to practice empathy, kindness and generosity. Humanity is very important at this time. I stand in solidarity with everyone who is a human and who does not discriminate based on skin color, religion, caste or any other identity parameters. There is no place for discrimination in this world. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Black Lives Matter does not mean that other lives do not matter. All lives matter but we need to speak up for people who have been discriminated. I support this movement as a human being and I believe everyone should. Humanity is when we stand as one and stand up for every human. There are no sides to choose here as it is our duty as humans.

Please stay safe, take care and god bless.

Amrit Shenava