Mental Health, The Crypto Quest and More

A quick and short newsletter for the week.

Hey everyone,

To all the ones who signed up recently, welcome to the blog/newsletter.(If you have received this newsletter and did not sign up for it, you have been imported from my contact list). I do write on medium and wordpress but newsletter is the latest trend and this definitely is something that I will be doing more often. With the nCov also known as COVID-19 or as every human knows it, the corona virus, has literally compelled events to be cancelled and in the process, my hackathons are cancelled :(. And due to this, I will be writing a lot now and will be sharing my thoughts, wisdom and things that I like and I believe might interest my readers as well. With that said, let’s get started.

Mental Health. Just recently, I posted a very long post on Facebook and Instagram mentioning that I will be quitting social media in order to give myself some time and also to focus on myself as a person. Social media is indeed great but one thing I must admit here is that it is a drug that can spiral out of control in the context of time. And social media can take a toll on ones mental health. This is why I decided to quit social media and spend some time doing what I love. Also to the one reading this, your mental health is very important so guard it with your life :D.

The Crypto Quest. With many countries making crypto-currency a method of payment in their jurisdiction, and also Forbes making the crypto rich list, there is one thing that I am 100% sure off and that is that crypto and blockchain is the future. I have personally made some investments in the crypto space and will be committing more time towards my passion for crypto. Blockchain has a lot of use cases and can solve most of the worlds problems. So yes, I am jumping in on this crypto quest. The world has seen 2008 and the billion dollar companies that was created from that. With the economic turmoil caused by the corona virus, the next billion dollar companies will all be blockchain companies.

More. Today is International Women’s Day and I want to thank all the women in my life a happy international women’s day, I have a lot of stories that I want to share of the women who inspire me and those who have been there for me and supported me in my goals. My mom, my sister, my grandmother, my two closest childhood friends, all the women from UAE Bunts Toastmasters Club, the folks at LaunchNET and to everyone who has helped me in this journey, THANK YOU for inspiring me and for being there.

PS :- Just a heads up that my next newsletter will be quite long as I will be talking about some of the projects that I will be working so buckle up and enjoy :D.

Thank you.

Amrit Shenava