Mission Sukh Newsletter Announcement

Happiness, Positivity, Optimism

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe. In this post, I wanted to share some good news that is filled with positivity, happiness and optimism. Most of the readers who know me well know that I do motivational speaking and is a person who is very passionate about solving problems in the Mental Health space. And I have been doing that with my project, Mission Sukh. We have come up with various initiatives and tech that helps people maintain their Mental Health. Mission Sukh is a project where I help people maintain their mental health using the power of tech. In this post, I am happy to share that I am starting a Mission Sukh newsletter that is filled with positivity, happiness, motivation and optimism. I always wanted to launch a newsletter for Mission Sukh and I personally feel that now is the right time considering the current situation. I am not taking advantage of the situation but as a writer who is also a hacker/developer and an entrepreneur who loves to solve problems, I strongly believe that Mission Sukh can make a difference at this testing time. People who are current readers/subscribers of my newsletter will receive the newsletter without signing up. For those who are reading this from a shared link or are not existing readers/subscribers, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the button below.

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Please do share with this your family and friends. The tagline of Mission Sukh is literally “ON A MISSION TO MAKE THIS WORLD A HAPPIER PLACE”. Apart from that, there is a Mission Sukh Discord where people can talk about anything and can schedule a Zoom/Hangouts call to talk with people. There are more projects that I am working on with Mission Sukh and I really look forward to making a difference on this planet. With that said, please take care, stay safe and stay home.

Amrit Shenava