Revamping Myself

"Make life an adventure worth living"

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe during this pandemic season. In this post, I want to talk a bit about myself and share some life update. I am 21 years old and have somewhat accomplished certain things in life. But apart from that, I am also someone who has started various side-projects. And unfortunately, some of them are unfinished. That is why I have taken some important life decisions that might have affects on my readers. I am a student but apart from that, I identify myself as a hacker/developer, entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker as well at the moment. Apart from studies, I will be spending more time on my projects/startup, blog/newsletter, my YouTube channel and my speeches. I have disabled most of my social media accounts as I see them as a major distraction that is preventing me from achieving high growth and productivity. Apart from identifying myself from those that I have mentioned above, I want to identify myself as an investor as well, as investing is something that I want to do in the long-run. Angel investing, Venture Capital, you name it. To better explain what I mean with what I want to identify myself as, let me put it in simple terms.

Entrepreneur + Hacker/Developer + Writer + Motivational Speaker + Philosopher + Investor = Amrit Shenava.

One might say, but you can only become one of them. Yes, that is true. But all these correlate to each other. It is more like one being a pre-requisite for each. My perception about these might be vague and complicated but this is how I see myself. And that is why I will be focusing more on myself now. In life, we are much more than our credentials. And by credentials, I mean our educational background. And apart from our credentials, we might be passionate about a lot of things in life and have lots of goals. Humans have the potential to have a lot of skills and do more in life. I personally believe that I can do more with my life. And that is why, I am revamping myself. I will be bringing back my old unfinished side-projects and working on them. Apart from that, I will be writing more, and this includes both my blog and this newsletter. The newsletter helps me to share my thoughts and my ideas. And I will be posting more on my YouTube channel where will I share my motivational videos and other contents such as vlog or any tech talks. I see life as an adventure. I want every single day of my life to be special. And that is why revamping myself is very important and by doing that, I am officially on a mission to change the world. Make life an adventure that is worth living. And to all my readers, you are capable of doing a lot of amazing things in life. With that said, please take care and stay safe. God bless.

Amrit Shenava