Summer Projects

Updates about what I am going to do in the summer

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe. With summer approaching, I have some important announcements that I want to make in this post. I will be talking about some of the projects that I will be working on and I will share an essay by Marc Andreesen, the founder of a16z(a VC firm based in Silicon Valley) and the one who built the browser. With summer internship programs being cancelled, I have decided to focus on my side-projects. Apart from the side-projects, I will be writing and doing motivational talks as well. My motivational speaking is not related to my tech background but it is personally something that I love to do. My writing will focus on me sharing my thoughts. Unlike some of my newsletters, it will be in-depth and more like an essay where I share my ideas and projects in detail. I am doing this so that I can attract like-minded people to the team and also want to start a discussion around solving complex problems happening right now in the world. With that said, let us start with the summer projects

Mental Health(Mission Sukh). I have always been curious about how we can enhance the Mental Health space using Tech and I firmly believe that Tech can play an essential role in Mental Health Care. While this might be my own thought, I intend to explore the possibility of how Tech can make improvements to ones Mental Health. With Mission Sukh, we have worked on using AI in Mental Health and this is something that we want to further expand on during the summer by actually testing it out. More information can be found on Mission Sukh Newsletter. I have 5 people on-board my team including myself, Aryan Shetty, Frank Thompson, Nishtha Sharma and Rohit Naidu. The team is entirely remote.

Blockchain/Crypto/DeFi. I am a crypto/blockchain/DeFi enthusiast. I am definitely not an expert but I do intend to do something in this space as I want to build a portfolio of crypto projects. I strongly believe that Crypto will change life as we know it in the coming years and this is something I want to hop on as a Techie. Right now, DeFi is something I see that can solve various problems that are financial or money related for individual.

India. As an Indian myself, I want to focus on building for India. This might confuse my readers but there is a difference between building for the world and building for India. India is a country with a population of around 1.3 Billion that speaks 1200+ different languages. India is a unique country unlike others that has a plethora of problems and problems equal to opportunity. Some problems include agricultural problems, finance and fake news. Apart from that, there are various opportunities to build for India.

COVID-19. The pandemic is still here and there is no data that is certain. But COVID-19 has given rise to various problems around the world. I have been working on various projects that provide a solution to tackle problems caused by COVID-19. If the situation persists till summer, I will work on COVID-19 projects leveraging the power of technology to solve problems.

These are some of the planned projects for now. I will share more in the upcoming newsletters. I have not included details for a few and I am open to collaboration as I strongly believe that teamwork can amount to a lot. If anyone is interested in knowing more and wants to collaborate or team-up, do drop mail to me at I am also looking for mentorship as I am not an expert myself and mentorship will help me in working on these projects as well as expand my network. The reason why I am working on multiple projects is because I find summer break to be a very long period of free time and with summer internship programs being cancelled, it is better to utilize the time to build something and in the process, build our skills.

PS :- I highly recommend reading this essay by Marc Andreesen( This is a call to literally build for the world.

Amrit Shenava