Summer Updates

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe. I am writing after a very long time and there is a lot of catching up to do. I just got done with my semester and wanted to share updates of what I am going to do over the summer. I will be writing about all of the things that I am going to do over the summer. And by all, I also mean my non-tech endeavors. I am not just a person who is into tech and startups but also a person who does motivational speaking and writes blogs. Due to the current situation and my internship being cancelled, I want this summer to be very productive and want to do something very big that can have a major impact. I have big goals with the four endeavors that I am sharing below. On that short note, let’s get started.

Project Shenava

Project Shenava is a place for all my projects and startups. There are a lot of projects that I am currently working on and everything that I do that is related to Tech will be a part of Project Shenava. Current projects and startups include EduVerse, Mission Sukh, Flashmates, DocuLator and many more. Apart from my own projects and startups, I look forward to collaborating with people and students to build things that can make a difference. I will be experimenting with all sort of Tech including AI, Blockchain, Cloud and many more. The main goal of Project Shenava is to use Tech to make this world a better place and to do the impossible. More updates in the coming few weeks and in the Project Shenava website.

Project Shenava Website :

I Am A Coconut

Back in 2018, I delivered a speech titled “I Am A Coconut” in front of an audience of around 3000 back in Dubai. That speech turned out to be an award winning speech and made me realize that my story can inspire and motivate other people. After that, I started a blog with the same title and started a video series as well. I Am A Coconut has led me to deliver various motivational speeches and has allowed my story to motivate tens of thousands of people around the world. Motivational Speaking is one of my passion and I will be doing more motivational stuff this summer. My goal is to help people stay motivated and empowered during this tough time.

AS Newsletter + Podcast

AS Newsletter + Podcast or in short, ASNP is my personal newsletter(which you are reading right now) and podcast where I share my thoughts on various topics ranging from Tech, Investing, Economics and many other. I will be sending out more newsletters as well as podcasts. And there is a lot that I want to do with ASNP. Last month, I started a ASNP community on various platforms where my readers and listeners can interact with each other on various interesting and important topics. My next plan is to host events where we have debates or conduct an interview. More information will be sent in my next newsletter.

Blog Shenava

I love blogging and writing. And Blog Shenava is my personal blog that I started very recently. There is nothing much planned yet for Blog Shenava apart from the fact that I will be writing long essays and sharing thoughts on important topics.

Even though I have described the four of them in brief, I will be sharing more updates and information in the coming weeks. I have big goals with all four of them and I want this summer to be very productive and big. And want my journey to change the world and have a major impact. This is indeed a very ambitious goal but there is nothing wrong in making big plans. I might fail in the process but I am not letting those failures come in my way just like I did not allow COVID-19 to destroy my goals for the summer. If you happen to be interested in getting involved or want to collaborate with me, then please do reach out to me at

Amrit Shenava